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      On June 21st, outstanding distributors from Yunnan Province gathered in Kunming to participate in the ¡°Bolin Lighting-Tianzhilan New Product Promotion Conference¡± to witness the brilliant journey of Bolin Lighting in the past 12 years, depicting Bolin lighting and blooming flowers. future. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Yu Shimin, General Manager of Tianzhilan Kunming Operation Center, took the stage to give a speech and explained the advantages of the new products. He said that in the fast-growing industry, having its own advantages and continuously cultivating industry technology is the driving force for brand development...
      On June 12, 2018, the 23rd Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition officially came to an end. The ears seem to be still full of people, and my heart is already full of emotions. The Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition, which was participated by Bolin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., was a perfect curtain call in the applause. Looking back at the exhibition site, many wonderful pieces deserve our recollection!
      Time flies, the annual lighting event The 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is coming again
      New journey, new beginning, New opportunities, new challenges. 2018 Bolin Lighting "May May" The National New Product Promotion Conference came to a successful conclusion!
      As one of the more common types of interior decoration elements, anti-glare downlights have both lighting and decorative features. From the day of the birth of the anti-glare downlights, the decorative lighting fixtures are given a good decorative effect. In order to comply with the design trend, the anti-glare downlight has excellent design and powerful lighting effect, ensuring the perfection of the interior decoration environment and the lighting environment...
      The 21st Ancient Town Light Fair ended successfully. Bolin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is the theme of ¡°Building a Chinese Dream, Sharing the Blue of the Sky¡± and combining 315 exhibits. The exhibition covers five major categories: light source circulation, commercial lighting, home lighting, outdoor engineering, and electrical materials. Series, Bolin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. with outstanding themes...
      From March 18th to 21st, 2018, the 21st Guzhen International Lighting Fair (Spring Exhibition) will be grandly opened. Bolin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. will embark on a new journey with the launch of this exhibition, ushered in new developments, people are extremely looking forward to! This ancient town light fair, you must not miss.
      Two months have passed since 2018, and our new journey has already set sail. In the development journey of Bolin Technology Co., Ltd., 2017 is destined to be an important node for the future. In the past year, pragmatism and dedication have always led us forward. The spirit of quality first and service-oriented has inspired every employee to work hard and tirelessly in their respective positions...
      There is always something ritual, Remind us: You have come to the new year. The year is coming, except for the "New Year's fortune", "Year-end Award", "Rushing Raiders", etc. Hot words to screen your circle of friends, The "annual meeting" of the sun seems to have become a new trend of resigning the old and welcoming the new...
      2017, we were full and perfect to draw a picture. What kind of memory did you leave this year? Is it happy? Very happy? Still very happy? No matter what you experienced this year...
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